Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Trip to Strofylia | 1st part

  I will be publishing a series of photos, all taken at different sites of a special area I visited lately. This place (called Strofylia) is located in Peloponnisos and is characterized by a substantially wide range of different ecosystems, such as Mediterranean - like fields,  high salinity lakes, isolated sandy beaches, swamps, forests composed by unique trees and some rocky areas. Due to this beautiful combination, Strofylia is a highly protected area. 
  My trip's main purpose was to sample insects, amphibians and reptiles from these special sites. Visitng such a paradise though is surely not a thing in my routine, so taking some pictures of the sceneries was in my mind. I tried to immortalize various moments of all the spots mentioned above. I will begin my journey presenting a dog taking a nap close to the shore, the ultimate view captured up from the mountain (where we met a scorpion), a beautiful glade and some free cows on the opposite site of the river.

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