Saturday, 30 November 2013

A walk at Acropolis

  Athens Centre has always been one of my favorite places for walks. Since my school years, I have visited the historic centre of my hometown innumerable times, always finding something special to enjoy, or even capture with my camera. The ''holy hill'', as Acropolis is known as, with the majesty of Parthenon as a crown, couldn't be exempted. After roughly 5 years, I had a walk on the top of Athens again, where the sea seems so close, the mountains are short and people walking in the city maze can't even be spotted. 

  The size of the Sanctuary, especially dedicated to the goddess protector of the ancient city, is pretty enormous. Parthenon, which used to host a gigantic statue of Minerva made by gold and elephant's teeth, makes you feel like a drop in the ocean. Parthenon - and the surrounding sanctuaries - remind you of the existence of a superior civilization.

  I always knew that my city is beautiful, but the confirmation is what made me happy. Looking over the city, I realise I have to offer so many things to make people feel better. Not only my photography - it's a duty I fulfill to satisfy my creative spirit - but my smile, my voluntary work, even assisting strangers. Despite the fact that I want to live abroad, Athens will always possess the greatest part of my heart. Not due to its beauty or astonishing civilization it gave birth to, but because of the memories this beauty will always be carrying.

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