Friday, 1 August 2014

Trip to Strofylia | 2nd Part (the Swamp)

The second part of my trip to Strofylia is here!

  As I mentioned in my previous post (see here), Strofylia is famous for it's unique combination of ecosystems, most of them I was lucky enough to visit. In this part, I am presenting the astonishing swamps. 

  The swamps beauty (despite the kind of repelling smell) comes from it's lush roof which consists of elaborate trunks and their heavy leafage. The latter also create a maze with lights and shadows, as sunlight partly gets through, small passes and hidden traps (due to the sticking moving sand underwater). The whole place is an adventure challenge! In spite of the inummerable insects and mosquitos, we found a turtle and some salamanders  in a former stage of transformation too.

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