Friday, 5 July 2013

New York City

After almost one year after my trip to New York City, I am showing you some of my favorite photos I took.

New York Skyline

View at South Manhattan. Taken at Brooklyn Bridge.

South Manhattan, after crossing Brooklyn Bridge.

View of Manhattan from Queens. You can see the ESB, the UN Headquarters and the Chrysler Building

South Manhattan, as seen from Liberty Island.

The world - renowned Statue of Liberty, as seen by the ferry.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Central Park

Beautiful coloured tiles in Central Park.

"I liked the trunk" - Central Park.

Shy squirrel - Central Park.

A field to relax.

One more squirrel getting away.


Perspective of  Chinatown.

Beautiful sign of Duck House. I didn't eat duck!

Wonderful made - of - bricks flats reminding me of New York movies.

Inside the city that never sleeps...

I had a short stop before visiting MoMA. I enjoyed a tasty milkshake and this wonderful view.

It's located in South Manhattan.

Kind of flats I like the most.

Empire State Building emerging from the dwarves.
The flag of New York between two american flags
The american flag, spotted at the Liberty Island

More american flags..

A beautiful neoclassical building. I am not sure if it's the Bankruptcy Court.

Entrance to Macy's, the world's largest multistore!

Looking at the Empire State Building from the ground floor.

Empire State Building.

Taken on the very first day,  two elaborate church's towers.

Street Fruit Market, seen at South Manhattan.

Some american flags, too.

I hope you liked my pictures! I have plenty more unedited plus some personal memories I can't share with you.

" If you ever find yourself at New York City, remember that you are on the world's centre. And that time passes by twice the speed of a normal place. Cause I swear, New York City was made by Gods."

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