Saturday, 14 January 2012

Summer in analog pictures

 There are moments of my recent past that can't go away so easily. Even after living them, they keep on being in my mind. And actually I love it! Summer memories are still in my mind. Some of them are refreshing and help me cope with the boring reality of university. Other are not that good. But that's how life goes. Here are some of my favorite photos taken utilizing my analogue camera! I have slightly edited the lights cause the scanning thing devastates them + the resolution.

Taken during my one-day trip to Antiparos, a small island located next to Paros Island. The main source of income of this specific village is fishing and some small tourist facilities - August 2011

Inside a cave at Antiparos island, a small village located next to Paros island. -August 2011

 Inside the same cave at Antiparos island - August 2011

Inside the same cave at Antiparos island - August 2011

Taken while on board to an isolated beach on Paros island - August 2011, It was a beautiful beach with golden sand and rocks.

Departure from Piraeus Port late at the evening of a summer day. Being on board, ready for a long journey to Crete Island (Rethymno) -August 2011

 Another view of Piraeus Port from the boat before starting the long journey to Crete (Rethymno) - August 2011

 Photo taken while on board. This boat was super fast! Traveling to Paros Island - August 2011

 Shore at Paroikia location in Paros Island. Taken while waiting for my friend Antony to reach the island. A new friendship was about to emerge! - August 2011 

 Different views from Paroikia location in Paros Island. I don't really remember when I took this one. I miss these days of total relaxation and empty minds! - August 2011 

Magnificent sunset in Paroikia location - Paros Island. I had a tough time waiting for a strong wave to be demolished on the sharp rocks, but thanks to Nature it came true! - August 2011

Beach of Keratea. It's name is Kakia Thalassa, meaning Bad Sea (literal translation). One of the place I will remember always because of the memories of my childhood!  I can't still forget the terror I felt while jumping off a gigantic cliff! Hope I will be courageous next time I give it a go. - June 2011

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. You have to wait for the storm to pass in order to admire the rainbow. We can't bring past to presence...but we can make our future look like our favorite past moments. Even better than it. 

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