Saturday, 7 January 2012

The 7th of January

7th day of the New Year and things are not the best. Actually they aren't even good. lol. I didn't expect them to become better just cause the new year came (it would be kinda superstition) but I would love to since begining is half everything. Anyway, I can't do anything for my r.i.p.ed laptop but cry all day. It was a big loss and I guess I wont be able to retrieve the lost photos. Actually I am crying all day cause I have nothing else to do, and actually I am not crying but studying. It's the same thing for me. I can't stop counting the pages left to finish these gigantic scientific herbology and biology books but what's left are more than 300 evertime. Anyway, I am trying to enjoy it since (I have to admit that) I learn very interesting stuff about cells and some chemistry stuff too. Semester is about to begin in less than a month and I have done so little things about it...

I can't wait till tomorrow.It's Walking time. They say we shouldn't be hasty and enjoy every single moment but it's just too hard to follow. We are gonna dance tomorrow somewhere I don't even know. On Monday have something super super super but I dont want to reveal!

Gotta try to decorate my room with some fashion photos I found at an OZON RAW magazine. Last thing to do in my list but it's just in the list.

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