Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Benaki Museum

Hello everyone!

   I am visiting quite a great amount of museums lately. I found out that I do love museums, especially when I visit them on my own, without someone to disturb me or to be hasty on passing over the art pieces quickly so we can leave. I also realised I drain a vast part of my inspiration off them. It is of great pleasure to state that I admire the way art is preserved in greek museums. Not only did every single museum I visited employed many keepers - who were really focused on their task - but also the humidity's and temperature's levels were strickly regulated. The art pieces were protected behind glasses and I also noticed special infrastructure for blond and deaf people too.

   Some of the museums I visited are The Benaki Museum, The Byzantine and Christian Museum and the Acropolis Museum to name just a few. I am sharing some analogue b/w shots from the former. Although I have loads of shots corresponding to the other museums, I am going to make a novel post for them.

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