Tuesday, 17 February 2015

On Holidays! - Ios Island (3rd Part)

Hey everyone!

   It's been months since I last updated my blog. My schedule is quite crazy and I don't really find spare time not only to blog, but also to meet friends or organise photography things and stuff. Blogging is just amazing, I always loved sharing my artwork with fellows and listening to any judge. I'm up to some great ideas lately too - analogue black and white portraits, I'm on the way but I still need more. Photography is my way of expression and I lately realised it's roughly 5 years I'm involved in it. That's just incredible for me. Everywhere I look, art is all I see. Everything is a source of inspiration. My life would be just boring wthout all this. 

   I am going to publish more photos from summer's excursions - I've got plenty of photos still not shared.

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