Sunday, 10 July 2016

Life in Village: Day Trip to Bansko

Hey everyone!

This post is all about some analogue perspective of my daytrip to Bansko, Bulgaria with my father, during our holidays in my hometown. As mentioned in my previous post, my hometown is located in Northern Greece, sitting on lands full of crops, forests and rivers. I enjoy spending a part of my holidays there because, although I don't have any friends there, I can ride my bike and visit proximal nature sites with no human presence or activity. Besides, sometimes it's beautiful spending some time alone, isn't it? You can find analogue photos of my excursions to the surroundings of my village in my previous post (Life in Village: the Daily Life).

Bansko is a world renowed winter destination, ideal for winter sports and hot chocolate in wooden logs (that's so me!). We visited by car, so I had the chance to take some shots of traditional villages we passed by. Bansko is beautiful in summer because it doesn't attract the crowds of winter sports lovers amd the temperature is ideal. On the other hand, winter in Bansko is massive and freezing cold, and I was not prepared to deal with it, as my body remembers for sure. Anyway, it was absolutely worth it!

An old semi abandoned house at a village on our way to Bansko, Bulgaria. The living conditions must be really poor. I can recall a memory of an old man working on the garden. I guess he lives there alone or along with his wife.

Some delicious (and extremely cheap) lunch we enjoyed at Bansko !
I had captured this block of flats in my very first film, 5 years ago. It was nice to capture it again !

An abandoned bus

Perspective of the central - and most touristic - alley of Bansko 
Some snow !
Children playing

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