Saturday, 11 February 2012

Summer Analog Post

Grandpas at Summer 2011. Lovin' the double colour effect I got here! 

National Gardens of Athens - Waterfall. Summer 2011

Amanda in Berlin, July 2011. One of the first films I ever developed! 

Forest path leading to nowhere. Taken during my vacation on grandpas in Summer 2011. I had walked much to find this awesome spot!

The same forest when visited from another side. The trees line was infinite!

One of my favorite pictures ever. Taken in summer 2011. 

I especially like the natural red colour I got here. In my father's hometown

It is a bit dark (even the original developed one).

A marble lion constructed many centuries ago. Located in the greek city of Amphipolis

Bulgaria! I've been there only once and all I managed to get is 3 analog pictures. This is one of them - raw of old and cheap houses

The left building reminding a church is actually a Jewish  synagogue (you can notice the 5-alpha star in the top). The right one is the raw of houses that can be seen in the previous photo!

Third (and last) picture of Bulgaria. Kind of fruit and vegetables market. Everything was so cheap there !  

A close friend . Taken when downtown for a walk, wandering around Acropolis in Athens


Amanda M. Jansson (candy for suicide) said...

i loooove them! my favourite one is the waterfall always!

Anonymous said...

yah i love the composition of these photos